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Format for Letter of Offer for Rights Issue

  • By : abiZa Team
  • May 20, 2019

Letter of Offer is required to be dispatched to all the shareholders pursuant to rights issue. Below is a brief format of letter of offer for your reference.



Issue of _____ [One ______________] Equity Shares/CCPS of INR ___/- [Indian Rupees ___ Only] each at a premium of INR _________/- [Indian Rupees _________ Only] each, amounting to INR _________/- [Indian Rupees _________- Only] per Equity Shares/CCPS aggregating to INR _______/- [Indian Rupees ____________ Only] to the existing Shareholders on rights basis in the proportion of their existing holding in the Company as on the record date i.e. , pursuant to approval of the Board of Directors at their meeting held on _________________


Issue Opening Date: ____, 2018

Issue Closing Date: ____, 2018

______, 2018





Keeping in view the expansion and growth plans of the Company, the Board of Directors intend to raise the required funds by way of induction of fresh Equity Share Capital in the Company. Hence in view of the proposed business plans and applicable regulatory compliances, the Board of Directors passed a resolution at their meeting held on, approving the rights issue of Equity Shares.

As your name appears in the Register of Members as on the record date, you are hereby entitled for ____ [______] Equity Shares for INR _____/- [Indian Rupees ________ Only] each constituting face value of INR __/- [Indian Rupees ___Only] each and premium of INR ____/- [Indian Rupees _______ Only] each aggregating to INR _______/- [Indian Rupees ___________ Only] under this rights issue offer.

Further you may kindly accept/renounce/reject the aforesaid Equity Shares hereby offered to you, by filling the enclosed Share Application Form [Form A]/ Renunciation Form [Form B]/ Non-subscription Letter [Form C] and submit the same along with the full amount of Share Application Money, as applicable, on or before the close of the business hours on , .

In case of non-receipt of your acceptance or renunciation request for the Equity Shares offered to you on or before the close of the business hours on , . [being the last date of acceptance and application], then the Company shall be of the view that you are neither interested in availing nor renouncing the rights and hence the Board of Directors shall have the power to dispose-off such shares in such a manner as they shall deem fit in the best interest of the Company.


  1. All the shares offered and the share values are subject to rounding off;
  2. Part payments of consideration for the total number of shares subscribed is allowed subject to receipt of full amount of consideration on or before closure of offer i.e. close of the business hours on , ..

Thanking you

For ______________



DIN: _________